Transportation and Logistics Solar

Typically with large warehouses and transport facilities, SouthEastern Solar can provide this sector a great opportunity for solar PV installations, turning otherwise unused roof space into a technology investment providing significant savings on energy bills.  In addition to the immediate reduction in your electrical bill, you receive a 30% Federal Tax Incentive plus an additional 30% State of Alabama Tax Incentive.  Like most investments in your business, there are also depreciation and other benefits your accountant can explain.  Another hidden benefit to owning your own power generating capability is a hedge against inflation.  Nationally energy bills increase 6% a year; as the aging grid infrastructure needs repair and replacing, it is reasonable to expect the bills to continually increase long term.

Although it’s not uncommon for independent transport facilities and logistics companies to self-fund solar PV installations, larger third party logistics (3PL) providers are more suited to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where a common requirement is to save money on energy bills across multiple sites.  With a solar PV system installed and maintained at zero cost, your company will benefit from reduced energy bills by purchasing the generated electricity at a pre-agreed rate, much cheaper than your public utility company, for the duration of the contract. 

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Commercial and Industrial solar clients are supported in the states of: Alabama, Florida (Panhandle), Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.