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About Us

SouthEastern Solar was founded with the mission to provide clients with quality reliable solar equipment at value prices.  By providing user-friendly engineering design, supplemented with professional installation service, we are able to do that.

We want to provide you with the most modern, well-engineered, long- lasting, hassle free system with the fastest return on your investment possible.  All you need to do is provide us with current information about your properties utility bill and what you want your system to provide.  Based on the information you give us, we will help you determine whether solar panels will work for your property.

SouthEastern Solar is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Central Alabama.  We take pride in providing our customers thoroughly designed systems, with professional equipment delivery and installation. We have highly-trained contractors that specialize in the various steps of the solar design and installation process, including our founders.  Our installers have years of instruction and experience prior to ever stepping on a roof and undertaking the serious responsibility of installing the solar panels. We have one of the best design teams in the industry that will make your solar system and electrical equipment look amazing, while our customer service team makes you feel comfortable every step of the way.

SES uses aerial photographs to determine if your property has an effective facing roof for solar sun exposure. After we determine that your property is a good candidate for a solar energy system and is a viable option for meeting your properties energy requirements, we will design your system. We believe quality is the most important aspect of any installation. Each system is thoroughly inspected through a 10-point quality control test. We are careful to train our crews, allowing us to keep a consistent, and most importantly, safe installation.  As one of the few vertical solar contractors in Alabama, SouthEastern Solar is able to keep our cost down by cutting out the intermediaries. As a direct partner with solar manufacturers, we are able to offer the best products at a value price.



We could not be happier with our solar system. SouthEastern Solar did everything they said they would and our system does even better than we expected. Jeff and I are very pleased.
Alice L.
High School Teacher


SouthEastern Solar uses only the highest quality equipment on the market from several manufacturers.


All the solar panels used by SouthEastern Solar are guaranteed for 25 years and will probably last longer.


Value comes from getting the most for your money, not just the least expensive.


SouthEastern Solar responds quickly to calls and usually can complete your installation in a day.


SouthEastern Solar helps you get protection from utility rate increases for years to come.