Solar For The Public Sector

SouthEastern Solar is proud to work with public officials in providing cost-efficient, reliable energy.  We work closely with federal, state and local authorities to deliver a full array of products based on solar power generation. The public sector provides a vast range of opportunities to demonstrate our technical knowledge and too implement outstanding design and innovation ideas.  SES partners with our clients to help unlock the opportunities for financing installations through our relationships with technology financing partners.

Of special interest to SES is providing low cost energy to Public Housing and Public Buildings.  The importance of government being a good steward of tax-payer monies while providing services and leadership is understood and appreciated by SouthEastern Solar.  Working with SouthEastern Solar helps government clients construct and manage operating budgets and reduces energy cost variations for decades into the future.
KEY BENEFITS utilize solar resources to save operating dollars:

  • No capital investment requirement
  • Reduce energy cost fluctuations
  • Forecast electricity expenses for years to come

By saving money and mitigating uncertain electricity costs into the future, our clients can focus resources on providing required services and other operational objectives.

From small roofs in urban settings to ground mounts in the country and everything in between, SouthEastern Solar can make it happen for you.

Take the first step by calling SouthEastern Solar at 205-545-8685 for a free solar site evaluation today.  Monday through Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM; Saturday by Appointment.

Government, Commercial and Industrial clients are supported in the states of: Alabama, Florida (Panhandle), Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.