Solar Solutions for Healthcare Facilities and Offices

Private hospitals, clinics and surgeries can save money on energy bills and have an additional source of income with a solar PV system from SouthEastern Solar. Have peace of mind that we also understand the importance of causing minimum patient disruption when installing our system on healthcare institutions.

Similar to most businesses, a common reason for private healthcare companies to invest in a Solar Power Station is to create an additional profit center or income stream by utilizing their forgotten roof space. Nevertheless, saving money on energy bills is also of great benefit because of  the necessity to use expensive healthcare equipment requiring large of amounts of electrical power.

Enjoy free solar and reduced energy bills

Some healthcare businesses are in a position to self-fund a solar PV system allowing you to generate your own electricity for reduced bills and also receive payments from net-metering where available.

With large roof spaces commonly present in this sector, your business may also be able to take advantage of a free solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With free installation and maintenance covered for the duration of the contract, you purchase the generated electricity from the system at a lower rate than your current energy supplier.  This saves you money on your bills and guarantees a future rate so accounting projections are more accurate.

Peace of mind for the consideration of your clients

SouthEastern Solar is sensitive to the issue of minimizing disruption to your patients. We will work with you to implement an installation schedule that is designed to ensure the ongoing care of your patients and minimize any disturbance or disruption.

Take the first step by calling SouthEastern Solar at 205-545-8685 for a free solar site evaluation today.  Monday through Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM.  Saturday by Appointment.

SouthEastern Solar services Hospitals and Health Care Facility clients in the states of: Alabama, Florida (Panhandle), Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.